Bring Innovation Chaos, Into Order.

Creating breakthrough product innovation in complex businesses is tough.

We help the world's biggest brands prototype & test ambitious product ideas with real consumers, simply, quickly and effectively.




Go beyond focus groups and sterile settings. Talk to real consumer in their natural habitats to understand what they want and what they need.

MAT Studios is your early stage R+D Innovation support unit, carrying you from insight to idea, through to business case. We help simplify the world around you, understand the opportunities it presents, make your research/ innovation processes better and connect everything with the humans that matter - your teams and your consumers.

Our creative services are unique in the industry and are human-first. The best people to tell you what they want from a product or service are the ones who will use it. Everything we do is completely audience focused.


About Us

Cut through red tape and get user research done, now.

We go beyond focus groups and sterile settings and talk to real consumers in their natural habitats to understand what they want and need


Get to 'Go', or 'No-Go', faster

We help you innovate rapidly, validating ideas early so you can find out what will work before investing in expensive, time-consuming quant research.


Think beyond the category

We'll teach your team new ways to create value, achieve impact and unlock creativity. We are here to support all sectors and deliver valued expertise.


Prototype and test creative ideas

With our in-house design and 

development team, we bring the creative firepower to bring product ideas to life. Experts designers with creative minds.


Simplify the complex

We help you join the dots between departments to bring clarity and achieve what seems impossible. Extensive track in delivering the mission values.

"How we helped an Industry Giant explore beyonds its core business and expand its reach into a new category, by connecting new consumers with innovative new product lines".

In 2021, our client gave us a clear challenge. Create simple, powerful consumer connections that gather useful insights and that can inform early-stage research. Without becoming budget-heavy.

By conducting small but powerful research sessions we were able to connect the proposed new product lines with consumers to explore their initial reactions to and understanding of the new lines.

This allowed us to maximise the opportunity to gather feedback, expectation, and reaction around flavour, sweetness, colour, and other tasting expectations.

Create Simple

Maximise Opportunities

Connecting Consumers

Takeaway Soda

Trusted By The World's Largest Brands

MAT Studios helps complex brands innovate faster using rapid consumer research and massive action.

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My Amazing Team

MAT Studios, A My Amazing Team company was Founded by the late Andy Swann. A visionary, key influencer in the Industry revolutionising the workplace and foundations of R&D Innovation amongst some of the Industry Giants.

The team was founded on one principal, we are all humans in the workplace that shared the same vision, the same values, and moral code. It is with great honour that we present to you, Our Amazing Team.

A range of experienced individuals, experts in the field of research and development, design, marketing and advertising. Innovating traditional practices in to a more modern, human driven approach.

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